Trippy stick vaporizer & How To Make Hash Oil

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FamouSx408 says:

one question. someone plz awnser i need help. my wax turned out really hard. how can i make it slimyish lmao?

Donald Boyd says:

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bigtaker5 says:

Why polypropylene?

Dick Gozinya says:

His last big idea …the bong ?

Kyle F says:

Lol wtf I gotta agree. Could barely hear u and when I did finally understand u I realized they started doing the idea you are mentioning atleast two years ago

cmd80337 says:

honestly bruh I stopped listening to you at 34 seconds in because I could barely hear you anyway with that bullshit music you got playing
on to another video

David Robinson says:

pg is the main ingredient for e liquid. do your research before calling some one an idiot.

meanmug4 says:

Hes high lol I bet

errlvapers says:

i get pre-filled hash carts from the local club. they’re mixed with something clear to make the oil more viscous. glycerin?

John Eddison says:

this is not how you make hash oil

footejacob96 says:

Juicy J has had a trippy stick for a year or longer now..

Drew S says:

Lmaoo… Dude chill

rainbowgoods says:

what the fuck?

jim weed says:

should be titled “nerd in cellar has an old idea” wow

John Smith says:

i wanna get high but not that high
this is on some junkie shit

jbinkley22 says:

Umm they already do that…

jonnyfish76 says:


Brian Frosst says:

the new vaporcone elite totally rocked this thing….. u can hit straight wax in it. try takign a trippy stick apart and look at the inside, you are literally smoking cloth and glue with a dab of wax on it. better to just hit the wax straight itself with a vapor cone, or even a g pen if they dont sell em near you, but i think you can get the elite kits online now like 50

drmofsd says:

Hash oil cartridges already exist bud

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